Palomino History & Heritage

Palomino Trailblazers

Many horses, forward thinkers, and fearless leaders spanning more than 70 years, serving multiple generations, and representing nearly 20 breeds of horses have made significant contributions to the preservation and perpetuation of the Palomino horse throughout history. These accomplished individuals and horses are archived below. It is a great honor to recognize and share these historic and current pioneers, innovators, and industry trendsetters in our authentic archive of Palomino Trailblazers.

Past Association Leadership

The Palomino Horse has made great strides throughout the last several decades of existence, and it is without saying, the persistence of PHBA's Youth, Amateur and General Membership Executive Teams have been there for all Palomino owners and exhibitors through the good times and stood even closer together in the hardest of times.

Notable Horses

Horses are nominated to the Palomino Horse Breeders of America Hall of Fame based on the longstanding value and significant accomplishments that are made in the horse industry in the areas of Stallions, Mares, Geldings, and Racing.

In the rarest of occasions, the Palomino Heritage Foundation also selects a Palomino or person the elite title of Horse of the Year.

Influential People

Members of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America are nominated based on the type of contributions that are made to the Association in the categories of Humanitarian, Service, Breeder Hall of Fame, Exhibitor Hall of Fame, and the Presidential Special Honor each year.


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Artifacts & Exhibits

To donate items, provide exhibit displays, or place a piece of your heritage on loan, contact Lynn Branson at (405) 385-3008 or Carolyn Henderson at (918) 366-3624 for a personal, private consultation.

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