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Join the Golden Adventure!

From coast to coast, spreading across more than 80 countries and displaying beauty and talent in major competition arenas worldwide, the Palomino Horse lives in all of us. Come join us for a golden adventure.

Annual Giving

Your ongoing and constant contributions to the Heritage Foundation's general fund allows the Foundation unique opportunities to present the history of the Palomino horse to new audiences and to create new touch points that help perpetuate the future of the Palomino horse for generations to come. This year, we are asking for you to consider your Palomino Horse Breeders Heritage Foundation as one of your end-of-year tax deductible gifts. Your contributions will help us expand our traveling exhibit, take us to other places where the Palomino horse still thrives (in the silver screen, major arenas or through the passion of major artists.) Here are a few examples of how your tax-deductible donation directly affects the work of your Foundation:

  • Developing a World Class Hall of Fame and Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Creating a digital archive of People and Horses that made an impact in the horse industry with Palominos
  • Providing scholarships to non-traditional youth and individuals seeking a higher education or equine based professional trade schools
  • Creating relationships with other breed organizations to recognize horses and owners working, competing and breeding for Palominos
  • Developing educational resources that place the Palomino horse in classrooms and within 4-H, YMCA and FFA programs

Consider a tax-deductible donation however you are able to help us complete these objectives!

You may also send a check payable to the Palomino Horse Breeders Heritage Foundation, c/o Les Baskerville, 1120 Iron Street., Kellogg, IA 50135

All gifts donated online are protected by PayPal's secure web portal for your security.

Associate Board Member Volunteers

The Heritage Foundation Museum is excited to invite you to come help us grow! Associate board member volunteers are vital to the success of our upcoming work days, booth presences at horse events and special events planned at the Foundation's Museum. Please contact us today to learn more about the involvement of the associate board members of the Heritage Foundation!

Share / Mentor

Every little bit matters to the Foundation, and the Board of Directors. Sometimes, the best way to give comes from the inside of your own barn. Children have many distractions in today's world, and a simple horseback riding lesson or some quality time brushing a beautiful Palomino is just the getaway they need. Whether you give lessons, have children of your own or volunteer with a local community, we invite you to consider using your own Palominos, or find a friend with a Palomino to start sharing those valuable moments with the next generation. Who knows, they might be a future Palomino Heritage Foundation Scholarship Award winner!


However you choose to give, no amount is too little. Get involved today!

Artifacts & Exhibits

To donate items, provide exhibit displays, or place a piece of your heritage on loan, contact Carolyn Henderson at (918) 366-3624 for a personal, private consultation.

Thank you Donors!

Every project comes to you through the generous contributions of our donors!